ON-SITE Computer and Laptop Repair Service In Chicopee, MAFast on site computer repair service in Chicopee, MA

For the fastest response time in Western Mass call PC Steven Computer Repair Service

When making a house call or business service call, I will bring all the hardware and software that is going to be needed to repair the described computer or laptop. If I do not have the hardware part or software program that maybe needed to do the repair, I will let the client know this before I make the service call. I have most of the hardware, software programs and OEM operating system recovery disks that are needed to fix computers and laptops, I can  order anything that is needed within 1 to 2 days. I have specialty diagnostic testing equipment that other computer repair services do not have.

Wasting time is the number one thing I try to avoid, if I believe the repair can not be done in a timely manner, I will let the client know this before I make the service call. They will have the option of ether having me pick up the computer and returning it after the repairs are done or they can bring it to my location in Chicopee, MA. When a computer absolutely has to be repaired on site, it may take up to 3 hours in some cases. I do not mind spending the time, however, it can get costly.

When an operating system reinstall and data back up is required, is when time becomes a factor, the model of the computer plays a role in determining how long it will take. Newer brand name computers will reinstall the OS within 20 minutes or so, older operating systems could take a few hours because of having to locate drivers, installing service packs and security updates, backing up personal data and reinstalling it and installing original software programs. This is a worse case scenarios, most virus and malware problems take me about an hour to completely resolve, hardware problems and nonworking internet connections issues take even less time. Some small office networking problems can take hours, depending on the issue.

The main thing that separates me from my competitors in the Chicopee, MA area is, I do not charge if I can not fix the issue, there is never a service call fee. I am able to do this because I take the time to verify that the problem can be resolved. Example: Client says they have no internet connection, I will ask them if they have called the internet service provider to see if there is a problem on their side. They tell me that the internet company said "there is no problem with the internet connection and the problem is with the equipment or computer system". I will call the internet company before coming out to make sure everyone has their facts right. If the problem is with the clients computer system, I know I can fix the issue, if the internet company is having problems, I know not to make the service call until the ISP can guaranty me the connection is working. Most of the problems I deal with are a lot more challenging then an internet connection, I am using this as an example to let people know how I run my service.

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