Save Time and Travel Using PC Steven's Computer Pick Up and Return ServiceFast on site computer repair service in Chicopee, MA

Computer repair pick up and trustworthy return service in Chicopee, MA

This is the best way to have a computer or laptop repaired, when people use the right trustworthy service. I have hard lots of stories of people handing their laptops over to some fly by night computer repair service they found on Craig's List, only to never hair from theses scammers again. Not only have they lost their laptop computer, but all the personal information on it has been compromised, leading to identity theft and bank fraud.

These days it is easy for anyone to pass them selves off as a legitimate computer repair mobile service. Be advised, do not trust anyone but me. The number one way to tell if something is shady, is when repair services try to hide their address, If you are able get an address verify it and know exactly who your dealing with.

What I like about this type of service is, when I am done repairing the computer I will go to the clients location and set up the computer, printer and anything else they need. This assures screen resolutions are correct and I can also point out any hazards that might be affecting the computer, you would be surprised. This repair process allows me to spend the time that is needed to do the repair with out taking short cuts, seeing that I am doing the repairs at my own location. It is win, win for both the client and me.

Another benefit to this service is I can quickly look at the computer before taking it and determine if the problem can be quickly resolved at the clients location. Once again saving the client time and money.

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