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Open seven days a week, call or text anytime and receive free telephone support. Many computer problems can be simply taken care of over the phone when you speak with the right PC technician. Learn more about repairing your own computer with easy instructions.

On-site repair service is available or drop-off your computer for the most affordable repair service. Pick-up and return service is also a convenient way to have your computer or laptop repaired - Windows 10 upgrading problems.

Computers and laptops repaired for $50
Hello, My name is Steven Schaeneman I repair PC computers and laptop hardware. I have been repairing computers and laptops at the same location in Chicopee, MA since 2006. In 1999 I went to a computer training facility full time for one year in Springfield, MA. When I got my Microsoft certifications I started repairing computers and designing websites. I professionally help a wide variety  of people, whether someone has a computer virus or needs a laptop hardware part replaced.

Helping people in Western Mass repair their own computers over the phone helps generate good word of mouth about this service, it also helps me keep up to date with the latest problems people are having. Teaching is learning and this is why I enjoy helping people. I do not enjoy charging people money to do general maintenance to their computers, everybody should know how to maintain their own computer. This is why I offer free telephone support, I am not always available to help people the first time they call, I maybe busy, if this is the case I will give people a time to call me back or I will call them back when I am not busy. It usually takes less than an hour to get in contact with me for over the phone pc repair support. This free service is limited to people living in the Western Massachusetts (413) area code.

Some of the things I help people with over the phone are, reinstalling Windows due to a computer virus or corrupted data, backing up their data, trouble shooting hardware, software problems and faulty wireless internet connections. I understand some people in Western Massachusetts do not need help and just want the computer fixed fast. In this case their is a $50 flat rate charge to fix a computer or laptop. I have a hug inventory of both used refurbished and brand new computer components for laptops and desktops. My refurbished used PC parts save people tons of money when getting their computer repaired. My large inventory will also speed up the repair process, seeing that most parts will not have to be ordered and shipped through the mail.

Why choose PC Steven Computer Repair Service
I am a self employed person and do not have other people that work for me. The benefit to this is I do not have to worry about what other people are doing, when I give the assurance that your data is safe and protected I do not have to second guess myself, I know for a fact it is safe. This type of privacy assurance can not be given by just any computer repair service.

I contribute my success to being honest with my customers about their computer repair needs. I like being truthful with people because I never have to worry about keeping track of different story's. I understand being honest and giving accurate diagnostic information are two different things. Making sure my diagnostics are accurate is just as important to me as being honest.

I service customers at my location in Chicopee, MA and at their homes or businesses through out Western Massachusetts. People who would like to have their computer or laptop repaired by my service will have to schedule an appointment. From the time you call, to the time it takes to fix your computer will usually be less then 24 hours, this is a lot faster then other PC repair services. Emergence 1 to 3 hour computer repair service is also available, including data recovery.

Some of my competitors may advertise a lower price, however, getting them to honor that extremely low price could be like squeezing water from a rock. My number one priority is sticking to the listed price or estimate.

When other computer repair services are incapable, PC Steven has the ability
All computer problems can be properly repaired, it is just a matter of cost. When repair costs exceed the value of a computer most pc repair shops will advise their customers to buy one of their brand new computers. Repairing computers involves more then just being smart, technicians also require common sense, this lack of know how is usually why most technicians can not cost effectively do the job.

It makes no sense to pay a computer repair shop hundreds of dollars to repair a computer or laptop when a brand new good quality laptop with Windows 8.1 retails for less then $250. Paying thousands of dollars for a Mac does not buy a better quality laptop, I personally prefer Windows over a Mac.

How to repair your own computer
Throughout this website will be easy to understand, layman term instructions on how to repair your own computer. Choose a category from the navigation bar above to get detailed information for the area you may need help with. I do not enjoy charging people $50 to repair problems that are meant to be resolved by the computer owner. Most computer manufactures and software companies make it easy for the computer owner to restore their computer back to its original factory state.

The most important thing to do before repairing a computer is backing up all the information on the hard drive, then verify the data is not encrypted or corrupted and comb it for viruses or malware. Do not rely on the system recovery software to do this, if a computer is not working right, chances are the recovery system software will also not work right. Always manually back up data by simply dragging and dropping it over to a secondary drive. A networking cable can also be used to transfer the data from one computer to another computer, always double check your work, make sure your data is accessible using another computer.

The next thing is to inspect the ventilation fans for dirt and dust, one of the biggest things people and pc technicians overlook is this problem. Overheating is a likely cause of a slow or crashing computer. The number one cause of a slow or crashing computer is viruses and malware, quite often people will have clogged ventilation fans along with a virus. Canned compressed air can be used to clean fans and heat sinks from dust and dirt, be careful not to touch anything with your fingers, static can easily damage computer components.

Reinstalling Windows
Usually this is the easiest and fastest way to get rid of viruses and malware. I understand this can not always be done for many different reasons. If you own the computer and it is running Windows XP or higher you should be able to do this on your own. Keep in mind if you use the system recovery software to back up your data you maybe backing up the viruses and only reinfecting the computer when importing the data. Do a destructive recovery, this method will destroy all your old data including viruses and automatically restore the original factory software, which is usually hidden on a separate partition on the hard drive. Once again remember to manually back up your data to an external drive and then we will manually comb (inspect) it for viruses before importing it back to the cleanly reformatted computer.

A computer will sometimes act like it has a virus when there is a problem with the system files that make up Windows operating system or there is a system registry error. There are some really good free software programs you can download off the internet that will fix a lot of these problems very easily. Most of the free software and paid software will only make things worse, however, there are some good free software programs that will fix system errors and I talk about them in the tune up page. The only good software is free software, I do not know why this is?

A lot of people depend on my service because they can not afford to take chances with loosing their data. When your data is critical to your survival, please contact me, nothing is safer.

Computers for sale, buy, sell or trade
I buy and sell a lot of computers and laptops, people prefer to buy computers from me because of my warranty and prices. Retail stores and websites give people 14 days to return or exchange electronics, there maybe an add restocking fee, years ago this used to be 30 days with no restocking fee.

I give a hand written 90 day warranty for repair work and a 1 year warranty on both new and used computers and laptops. Should there be a problem, you will not have to mail the computer across the country and wait 6 to 8 weeks to get it back, I can maintain and repair what I sell within one day.

About my website
I design and hand code my own websites, I like to use the latest standardized HTML 5 coding langue, that meets W3C validation standards. This helps assure that the site is cross browser compatible with all devices and helps disable people with visual, hearing and typing problems. Most people just find that it loads really quick and does not jam up their browser like a Word Press generated website does. I registered my first domain name and set up a hosting service account in the year 2000, things were very expensive back then and very few people or businesses had websites.

I have found the most important thing about a website is making sure it is search engine friendly. I would rather have a boring looking site, then a fancy site that does not get found on Google and jams up other peoples computers.

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