Chicopee, MA - Internet connection troubleshooting

Helping people resolve internet connectivity issues is a big part of what I do. When people can not connect to the internet there is little the cable company can do to help. This is were my local service comes in, I am very familiar with dealing with the cable companies and their settings.

Computer viruses and malware are the biggest reason people all of a sudden loose their internet connection. Improperly configured security setting are also a big problem. I can resolve these problems quickly and inexpensively.

Depending upon the situation I may prefer to make a house call, if I have to make a house call and can not resolve the problem there is never a charge. I am going to make sure the problem can be fixed before I come to your location, this will involve some simple troubleshooting over the telephone which may just resolve your problem free of charge.

If other wireless devices are able to connect to the internet at your home or office and it is just the one laptop or computer that can not connect the cheapest thing to do is  bring it to me at my location. When I am done with the repair I can return it to you and test it for reliability.

Whether you have a small home office or a large business I can help assist you with all your networking needs.

Configuring Microsoft server extensions for Outlook email and other office applications is something I have lots of experience with. I also have a good understanding of Outlook email migration and IP configuration, I have experience with both older versions and the latest versions of all Microsoft Office applications.

I can configure multiple computers to feed off of one internet server, this will alleviate the threat of losing your data in the event of a disaster or computer failure. The server it self will be back up by another internet server located in another part of country.

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