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Call Steven Schaeneman for immediate data recovery
Hard drives and computers that have completely crashed and are beyond a quick repair can have the data recovered securely through my data recovery service. I service both laptop solid state hard drives and full size desktop computer hard drives. Whether the drive is mechanically damaged or corrupted I am able to extract data. Files that have been permanently deleted or lost can be recovered.

I have been successfully performing data recovery for 12 years. I can not guarantee that all hard drives are recoverable, I can guarantee I will not alter the existing data, formatting and structure of the hard drive. This will allow a level 3 clean room, if needed, to work with the hard drive. This is important because every time a hard drive is connected to a new device changes are made to it that are not identifiable to the layman. If I can not recover the data the next step would be to have a level 3 clean room forensic laboratory disassemble the drive and manually extract the data from the inner plates.

Using my advanced data recovery service in Chicopee, MA as a first resort can save people a lot of money when I am able to rescue the data. Level 3 clean rooms are extremely expensive, this type of atmosphere is needed to disassemble the drive. A lot of data recovery services talk as if they have a level 3 clean room, however, they do not. Always specifically ask a data recovery service if they are a certified level 3 clean room if they are going to take apart the drive.

I use the latest cutting edge software and specialized hard drive enclosures developed specifically for performing data recovery service. Most of the time hard drives are not severely mechanically damaged and I can recover the data. I have a very good success rate with recovering data and I perform this service for another locally owned computer repair shop in Western Mass.

Hard drives that are not being recognized on a computer can have the data recovered, unrecognizable partitions can also be recovered, accidentally deleted or reformatted drives are also recoverable.

When I am unable to recover data, I can refer people to a level 3 clean room in the eastern part of Massachusetts. I have referred many people to this place with great success, I can also subcontract the job, possibly saving people money and time.

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