Chicopee, MA - Original OEM Software installations

I have all the original OEM factory recovery CD's needed to restore brand name computers and laptops back to the original way they come from the factory. Theses CD's are not for sale, however, when I do a factory operating system (OS) reinstallation, I do provide my customers with a free legal copy of the genuine factory OS software that came with their computers if needed. Custom built computers that require an OS installation will need to have a legal genuine Microsoft license key. I can help assist people with this processes if they do not have one, I do not engage in software pirating.

All versions of Microsoft Office are available for installation. I also make older versions of Microsoft Office compatible with the latest versions, using Microsoft compatibility packs. I configure IP settings and migrate data from older version of Microsoft Outlook to newer versions.

Helping people in Western Mass find an easy way to upgrade there current operating system and other OEM software is something I specialize in. Upgrading is the cheapest way to get the latest commercial software, rather then purchasing a new retail version of software. Software company's make it easy for their customers to upgrade the current version of software they all ready own.

People are finding that free open source software is just as good if not better then the full retail versions of commercial software programs. After repairing or building a computer system I am able to install free of charge many of these free open source software programs.

People in Western Mass needing help with the installation of a full retail version of an operating system or OEM software programs such as, Adobe Macromedia studio CS5 CS6, Photoshop and dreamweaver can count on me with helping them find the best local  and online deals around. I have a wide selection of local software distributors to choose from when needing to locate fully licensed new and used versions of software programs.

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