Chicopee, MA - Windows 8.1 Operation System Training

Moving over to Windows 8 or 8.1 seems to be a big transition for everyone. I can save people tons of time and frustration with a simple 1 hour tutorial on adapting to the new Windows operating system. Once a person understands Windows 8 is no different then XP or 7 and it is just full of more functionality all the peaces will fall into place. When a person has one of my Windows 8.1 maintenance tutorials they never want to use an older version of Windows again.

Advanced software training is available for all versions of Microsoft Office, Adobe Collectors Suite CS5 and CS6.

Interested in internet networking technology and website design I can help explain the basics to you. Using handwritten html and CSS is very important in website design. Html generators such as Word Press can be very deceiving when it comes to cross browser compatibility and search engine optimization.

Everyone enjoys coding and working with software design programs. If you are tired of playing around with social media and want to start having real fun, please let me know. Using computer skills to make money is funnier then playing any computer game.

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