Chicopee, Ma Computer Repair

Call PC Steven now for fast one-day computer repair service starting at $50 and free professional computer repair advice (413) 388-3121.

I have helped lots of people repair general computer problems free of charge over the phone. I learn by helping people and this is why I offer this free phone support service. Some of the best things in life are free.

Difficult computer problems associated with Microsoft Windows, laptop hardware, desktop computer hardware and pc viruses can all be repaired by me. The cost for labor is usually a $50 flat rate fee, plus the cost of data recovery service and replacement parts if needed. I am negotiable and willing to work with people.

House calls are made locally for internet connection problems, general networking, and small office networking problems. For hardware and other problems you may need to bring the computer to my repair shop in Chicopee, MA.

Turnaround time is usually less than 24 hours. I can also pick up the computer at your location, do the repair at my shop and then return it to you. Call me and we can discuss which will serve you best. The best thing about me picking up and returning your computer is I will set your computer up and test it before I leave.

A lot of people bring their computer to the mall to get it repaired only to find when they get it home the problem is still there or there is a new problem. All my computer repairs come with a 90-day warranty along with phone support.

I repair all computer problems associated with Microsoft Windows, laptop hardware, desktop computer hardware and pc viruses. The cost for labor is usually $50, plus the cost of data recovery service if needed.

Most computer repairs do not require parts or advanced data recovery service and is just a matter of reconfiguring or reinstalling the operating system which is included in my cost of labor. If you do need a new piece of hardware this can also be done very affordably.

If you are having problems installing a Windows operating system, XP, 7, 8 or service pack-updates, I know exactly what needs to be done. I am always glad to look at computers free of charge and let people know what is wrong. Most computer repairs are done in less then 24 hours.

If your computer is infected with a virus, malware, or spyware, this can be easily fixed, even if you do not have the recovery disks (operating system) or software programs for your computer.

I always back up data, even when the computer is completely not running. I then comb the data for viruses, clean the data and then reinstall the data on a cleanly installed operating system partition.

Living in the Chicopee, MA area can cause a lot of computer failure problems. Lighting is the biggest threat to a computer's operation. Without your even knowing it, there could be a power spike which leaves all other appliances and electronic equipment working fine, but the computer will either not work at all or just not work correctly. There are a lot of older homes in Chicopee, MA and the older wiring in these homes can be very dangerous to a computer's internal components.

Even though power supply failure is a big computer repair problems in Chicopee MA, a lot of people jump to conclusions only to find they are wasting money and being frustrated trying to repair the computer. An experienced computer repair technician will always test the power supply with a special testing devise ensuring the right computer problem gets fixed fast and inexpensively.

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