Computer and laptop repair service in Chicopee, MA

Virus Removal / Data Restoration / Tune-Ups / Laptop Hardware Repair Cat taken hostage by Cryptolocker PC virus.

Western Mass Data Back Up and Encryption Service

Weekly on site data back up made easily and affordably

This data back up service protects small businesses and residential PC users from catastrophic data loss do to a disaster, theft, virus and or hackers. This is not a cloud or internet based data back up service, this is a once a week on site data back up solution. Every security consideration has been taken into account for protecting the data of small businesses and residential PC users. This service exceeds Federal HIPA guideless for encryption standards and storage security. Never worry about losing data again, no matter what.

Throughout the years I have found that most businesses and home PC users in Western Massachusetts do not have enough data back up protection. People are not prepared for a data loss because there are so many different things that can go wrong. Up until a few years ago people living in Western Mass would of never thought about protecting the data on their computers from a tornado, today people in Western Mass know anything is possible. Procrastination is another reason people over look the importance of doing regular PC data back ups, hiring someone to do this for you on a regular bases is a sure fire way to protect your data.

Most computer savvy professional's agree that people should have their data back up in three different locations, however I have found through experience that this is not good enough. When things start to go wrong they seem to happen all at once. I truly believe most people need guidance when it comes to data back up, encryption and system restoration. I understand PC back up and encryption terminology can be confusing, I will do everything I can to make it easy to comprehend this important technology.

Cryptolocker is a malware (malicious software) program that will attack all forms of data back up protection, including secured mapped network drives, cloud storage and Carbonite. I have worked with many people affected by this unbelievably corrupt malware program. Computers that get infected will have all the data permanently encrypted. The PC user will have to pay thousands of dollars in ransom to download the data key needed to unlock their encrypted computer files. There is no guarantee that paying the ransom will get the data unencrypted. One out of every ten small businesses go bankrupt do to the financial harm that comes from losing a computer or group of computers do to data loss. Not only does this malware encrypt the personal data on the PC, it can also steal the personal information stored on the PC. By law businesses are now required to report data breeches involving personal information.

I have several back up security plans I use to protect people and businesses from Cryptolocker and other forms of catastrophic data loss. The exact details of how my data back up security plans work are trade secrets. The plans involve leasing two high performance external hard drives from me. I then come into my customers location once a week and swap out one drive for the other, that drive is then immediately stored in a local bank safety deposit box. There is a secure back up constantly taking place on location, the worse thing that could happen is losing that back up drive, which will have up to the last seven days of data entry information. In most data recovery situations no data at all will be lost. My recovery process does not use Windows shadowing or any other Microsoft system recovery feature, this insures a true bit for bit data back up and or recovery, which will meet or exceed industry standards for professional data back up protection.

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